Come With Us!

Join us soon for special fun-filled events to enrich your body and mind with family and friends!

Find the bonds between the human spirit and the world around us through yoga, nature, and art.

— Announcements —

New Vinyasa Flow Classes!

Pilates Barre Vinyasa Flow promotional poster.

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic movement class that unites breath, yoga asana, strength building, and creative sequencing. Each class will focus on yoga education and heart centered teachings rooted in real life experience.

Expect a fluid and athletic practice that moves at the pace of your own breath set to inspiring music. Strong standing work, inversions, backbends, arm balances, pranayama, and meditation may be offered during any given class. Continuing level postures are practiced, however modifications are given to meet you where you are so that all yogis can benefit from the gift of flow practice.

Join us Wednesdays at noon and Saturdays at 7:30AM at The Pilates Barre, 6343 Capitol Highway, Suite A!

— Upcoming Events —

Family Yoga Campout

Family Yoga Campout at Turning Earth Farm promotional poster. Family Yoga Campout at Turning Earth Farm promotional poster.

Turning Earth Farm is excited to welcome us back this summer!

They have 22 acres of beautiful farmland and deep forest, a creek that runs the length, and hammocks set up in all the best places. The date we booked means little chance of rain and the best time for yummy veggies and berries, flowers and warmth.

There'll be both adult and family yoga, a massage therapist on site, farm to table meals, and plenty to do while your children are under our care during our mindful snack making and craft time. The forest camp is spacious and peaceful. The animals on the farm are the sweetest. And the zen treehouse is just delightful. Please book early as we know this will sell out.

Within all this, we understand THOROUGHLY the want (need) to take a retreat and not really be able to afford the whole cost. PLEASE let us know if this is the case and a sliding scale payment is the way we will go. We do not want to say no to anyone in need of yoga and mindful family time. It is SO needed in our lives. So reach out!

Even more info about this event can be found on the WeTravel booking page below!

Get More Info & Book at WeTravel!


A woman in a sitting pose faces away towards water and mountains.

We should always do the best we can for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for our planet.

It is important for us to keep our bodies and minds in motion through the flowing movements of yoga and the boundless creativity of art.

Come with us and have fun enjoying every wonderful element of life!

Mother and young son perform Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) on a driftwood log.

Experience Togetherness

Our events are designed to be fun and fulfilling for your entire family. Expect days full of great activies for kids and adults, healthy meals to fuel your body, and friendship for all in attendance.

Yoga instructor performing elegant Dancer's Pose (Natarajasana) in a wood-paneled studio.

Experience Wellness

The yoga classes you will attend at our events are taught by professionals with years of training and studio experience. They have studied around the world and have taught hundreds of hours of classes for adults and children alike.

A young child walks along a hill trail beside yellow wildflowers.

Experience Discovery

We hold our events in the great, natural outdoors. Being surrounded by nature brings peace and inspiration to the mind and body.